EFTPOS New Zealand has developed a range of terminal software solutions tailored specifically for the unique payments needs of the hospitality and tourism industries.

Slice - Take payment at the table

Provides flexibility to take payment at customers' tables, split multiple eftpos payments, take cash / vouchers and add tips; all while automatically sending transactions wirelessly to your POS. Available through our BePoz provider.


A pre-authorisation is when an authorisation is obtained on a credit card for a set amount, without intending to process the transaction immediately. The authorisation serves two purposes, it validates the credit card and also ensures that the cardholder has sufficient available credit to pay for the service. 

For example, hotels often perform a pre-authorisation when a guest checks-in, with the actual transaction being completed at check out. Pre-authorisation reduces the possibility of a transaction being declined due to unavailable funds.

Adding Additional Charges

Allows you to add further charges to a cardholder's account after a service has been performed. For example, this can be used after check-out to add extra charges for food or beverages from the mini bar, where an open transaction has already been completed.


Be rewarded for providing excellent customer service and offer your customers the opportunity to add a tip on top of their bill. There are a variety of ways customers can be prompted to add a tip*:

Credit Card Tipping
Customers paying with a credit card can indicate the amount they would like to add as a tip on their credit card receipt and authorise the tip with their signature. Credit card tipping is not available on credit cards issued in New Zealand.

Inline Tipping
The terminal offers the cardholder the option to add a tip at the time of purchase, whether paying by debit or credit card. An additional prompt appears after the purchase amount is entered so the cardholder can type in an amount which will be added to the purchase amount.

Instant Tipping
The merchant can choose whether or not the terminal offers the cardholder the option to add a tip at the time of purchase, whether paying by debit or credit card. Additional prompts appear after the purchase amount is entered offering the cardholder three methods of adding a tip:

  • Tip amount – Cardholder can add a dollar amount of their choosing as a tip
  • Total transaction amount – Cardholder agrees to the total transaction amount including a tip. E.g. if purchase is for $20, and the customer wants to tip $5, the merchant would type $25 into the total transaction amount field
  • Percentage – Cardholder can choose to add a tip as a percentage of the purchase amount

*Tipping method varies depending on your network, acquiring bank and payment solution. To check which method is available to you, contact us.

Detailed Transaction Reports

The detailed transaction report functionality gives your business access to a range of detailed reporting, including information on open transactions, shift totals, refunds and settlement receipts.

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