EOV (Electronic Offline Vouchers)

Electronic Offline Vouchers (EOV) allow you to process transactions offline if your terminal is unable to go online to authorise transactions. In EOV mode, rather than trying to go online to authorise each transaction, the terminal stores the transaction information until it can go online. EOV is available on both magnetic swipe and chip cards for domestic debit and Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions. 

EOV is not designed to function as a secondary connectivity option. It is intended as an emergency continuation of processing capability when situations such as a loss of network or connectivity occur.


EOV adds value to your business by lessening the impact of network or communication outages offering you continuity to keep processing payment. 

Transactions can still be processed through your terminal in a safe and secure manner when EOV has been enabled, providing you with extra reliability and peace of mind.

For more information please download an EOV guide using the links below:

EOV on the EFTPOS New Zealand Network
EOV on the Paymark Network

EOV Transactions on the 
EFTPOS New Zealand 

EOV Transactions on the
Paymark Network

If a transaction fails twice the terminal will automatically go into EOV mode

If a swipe transaction fails twice and a chip card transaction fails three times the terminal will prompt to go into EOV mode

The terminal does not prompt for EOV transactions  but EOV is displayed at the bottom of the terminal screen

The terminal prompts to process in EOV mode at the beginning of each transaction. “PROCESS TRANSACTION OFFLINE Y/N” is displayed. The auth number, beneath the card number, printed on the receipt will be 3 digits preceded by either ETE or ETP


The maximum number of EOV transactions allowed up until midnight is 200

The maximum number of EOV transactions allowed is 99

Only one transaction per card, per account, per EOV session is permitted on each terminal

Only one EOV transaction per card, per EOV session is permitted on each terminal

The maximum dollar amount per terminal while in EOV mode is $5,000 worth of credit card and / or debit card transactions

There is no dollar value limit, however the 99 transaction and $300 per transaction limits mean you could not process more than $29,700 worth of transactions on any given terminal

The terminal must be in a logged on state in order for a Settlement to be performed. If a settlement is attempted, while the terminal is offline ‘INVALID OFFLINE TRANS’ will be displayed. If a Settlement is attempted after a successful logon, and the EOV transactions have not been uploaded, the number of stored EOV transactions and the total dollar value will be displayed followed by OK Y/N”. If “Y” is selected the terminal will upload the EOV transactions prior to performing the Settlement. If “N” is selected the terminal will perform the Settlement without uploading the EOV transactions

All EOV transactions must be processed prior to a settlement transaction being attempted. If a settlement is attempted the terminal will display ‘INVALID OFFLINE TRANS’. A successful logon is required. If a Settlement is attempted after a successful logon the terminal will automatically upload the EOV batches prior to performing the Settlement