Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are transactions made with a simple tap of a contactless debit or credit card, or with a smartphone. Customers no longer need to insert or swipe a card, or even enter a PIN.

EFTPOS NZ makes it easy to accept contactless payments with the Verifone VX Evolution range of payment devices. These next generation eftpos terminals feature fully integrated contactless payment capabilities, future-proofing your business against emerging contactless technology.

Contactless credit and debit cards are only the beginning! Mobile wallet applications like the ANZ goMoney Wallet and Apple Pay allow users to pay with their smartphones. When used in conjunction with our POS Connected payment solutions your contactless eftpos terminal connects directly to your Point of Sale (POS) system dramatically increasing the speed of your eftpos transactions.

How do I offer Contactless payments to my customers?

You'll need to make sure your eftpos terminals are contactless capable. Get in touch with us if you're not sure whether your terminal can accept contactless payments or not. Then contact your merchant acquiring bank and let them know you'd like contactless available on your terminals. Your bank will guide you through the process and explain any additional charges.


How do contactless payments work?

Contactess payments use NFC (near field communication) technology which allows for encrypted data exchange between two devices in close proximity ('near field') to each other. An RFID chip and antenna is installed in all contactless capable cards issued by Visa and MasterCard, which can be read by NFC capable terminals. Some mobile devices are also NFC capable and utilise apps to access credit and debit card information stored on the phone, such as Apple Pay’s Passbook.

How do I process a contactless transaction?

To find out how, download our Contactless Transaction Guide.

What can contactless do for my business?

The speed and convenience of contactless payments reduces queuing, limiting walk-outs and clearing up vital floor space. Contactless payments have also been shown to increase customer spending and frequency of spend.

How secure are contactless payments?

All electronic payments technology is governed by strict security protocols. Parameters have been built in to contactless capable terminals to ensure that tap and go payments are secure. Contactless payments also ensure the card never leaves your customer’s hand, providing peace of mind for customers conscious of card skimming.

Can the terminal charge two cards at once?

Contactless capable terminals can only read a RFID chip if it’s within 4cm of the terminal. If two cards are presented to the terminal simultaneously, the transaction is rejected to prevent double-charging.

Are there any limits for contactless transactions?

A limit of $80 applies to using a contactless card without inserting a PIN. If a contactless card is presented for a transaction over $80, your customer can still tap their card on the terminal, but they will be prompted to enter their PIN. Occasionally a PIN is requested during a contactless payment regardless of the transaction amount as an extra layer of security.

How will my customers know I accept contactless transactions?

All EFTPOS New Zealand Contactless capable terminals have full colour screens with the option of displaying graphics, including payWave, PayPass, and NFC logos. EFTPOS New Zealand can also supply you with a ‘Tap and Go!’ wobbler to attach to your terminal and stickers to let your customers know you accept contactless cards.