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EFTPOS New Zealand supports a number of organisations each year and is proud to offer discounted terminals to primary, intermediate and secondary schools. To take advantage of the discounted rates simply fill in the below form with your details and one of our sales representatives will be in touch to discuss which solution works best for you.

Wireless eftpos - VX 680

Countertop terminal – VX 520 Colour or VX 820 DUET

This is a one-piece hand-held wireless eftpos terminal that lets you receive payments anywhere as it works via WiFi or the Vodafone GPRS network.

Both these terminals are counter-top solutions available with broadband or dial-up connectivity.

Rental Terms

Short Term - 1 to 2 week rental


Short Term - 3 to 4 week rental


Long Term - 36 months rental

Short Term - 1 to 2 week rental


Short Term - 3 to 4 week rental


Long Term - 36 months rental

Conditions apply - Long term solutions are available on both the EFTPOS New Zealand and Paymark networks and a 36 month contract term applies. Long term GPRS plans incur a monthly data plan charge. Short term solutions are available exclusively on the EFTPOS New Zealand network. A network fee applies to both the EFTPOS New Zealand and the Paymark network. Dial-up connections on the Paymark network also incur a dial fee.

Proof of charitable status will be required.

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